Thursday, May 21, 2009

NYC here we come..............

Mr. Paul and I polled the boys about a month ago and asked if there is any place you want to go within driving distance and spend the long weekend where would it be? We gave them a few different ideas. I mean really we live in DC we can go anywhere and have such a wide variety of choices the list is never ending. Both Trae and Coty both have always wanted to go to NYC and since I have only been there once, Mr. Paul has only flew threw it and Logan never it was the perfect choice. So NYC it is we will stay in Manhattan and spend the entire weekend doing the touristy thing. Empire State building, time square, WWE restaurant (Logan's choice of course), Statue of Liberty, Little Italy, etc, it's all set. Trae took the weekend off from his job which was the only loose string and now we are all Googling different things to determine exactly what we want to do so we don't miss anything.

What do you think happens? We are all excited about this family vacation and of course like everything else in our lives the bomb was dropped.

Coty finds out that there is a Memorial Day tournament for baseball and he doesn't want to go to NYC now. Well everyone I know says well your the parent you should say he is going--which is what I did at first but what does that solve? Listening to him nag for days on end about how mean and stupid it is that I am MAKING him go on vacation? Yes he will be there but will he have fun? Will he pout and ruin our time? Who knows. So we decided to let him stay with a friend and play. That's what he wants so fine. However since we never do family vacations especially since Mr. Paul has been unemployed for 5 months, we decided to postpone NYC for another time in the summer and we will do something else fun. More to come when we figure out what the fun will be. Arg! Teenage kids are such a pain sometimes. Sometimes it seems like you can't win for losing.

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Marissa said...

Oh that's so hard! It's tough when you have to start rearranging your schedule around your teenager's life! But, I suppose that's what happens when their lives get busy with school, social events and extracurricular stuff! The good news is NY is not going anywhere, so you'll enjoy a great vacay there soon!
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