Thursday, April 16, 2009

Uncle Trish??

In Oregon I had the pleasure to really get to know my nephews and nieces. In total I think at last count there were 17. (Not to mention some of them have kids of their own too so the numbers are steady increasing) Anyway, obviously since I left Oregon 20 years ago these young adults "kids" were just babies when I knew them before.

It started over text messages with Christopher whom I am forever texting way to early in the morning (sorry man) forgetting the time change. He is my little buddy. He and Jake my other nephew (pictured below) decided after looking at this log frame thing at my mom's house that I looked like a boy so they started calling me "Uncle Trish". Now tell me that isn't a load of crap. Stinking brats! LOL

These "kids" are so wonderful and each so special in their own way. They may or may not realize that the responsiblity to keep the family together and close now rests with them. My siblings and I are all very close and although space and time separate us when we are together it's like time stood still. We have this very unusual bond that "outsiders" immediately pick up on. Now it's there turn. They all must remember that although they are all so different they are all family and regardless of harsh words, broken promises, or bad decisions, they must learn to forgive and move on. Keep in contact, mak an effort when you really don't want to is what it takes to keep a family together and strong. Being the bigger person is always hard but always necessary. In the end you can count on Family!!
Happy is he who accepts what he cannot change

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Good Wisdom! Kisa,MD