Monday, April 13, 2009

Then there were eight......

Janna - Banna


Sue - "What not to wear???" LOL I Love ya Girl




Liz - Little Bit


8 kids, 8 family's held together by the strength of our parents who through it all taught us to love each other. Sitting in Oregon we would laugh and cry and tell stories. Jesse James locked in the laundry room? Was that really an accident??? Remember this one?? "GOODNIGHT TRISH"; How about, "Mom their hitting me??" Or how about Johnnie's yearbook, I cut all the hot guys out of when I was young. How was I supposed to know there were over 30 consecutive pages gone. There must have been a lot of hot guys in that school.

We can all rewind the month of January as many times as we want and when we do we will remember stories, laughing, lysol, family meetings, camo jackets, snow, and many tears. We all have our moment of my mom, your mom, grandma, sister, etc and we will all hold onto those memories till our last breath, they are ours to hold, share, and cherish. Regardless of what/how we deal with the huge loss of her it will not change the facts. They are that we all loved her - we will all miss her - she loved us all - and all we have is photos, memories and most importantly EACH OTHER!! Through our ups and downs, we must all remember that mom would want us to be the best wife, husband, friend, sister, brother we can be and share her values with everyone we love. That is how her legacy lives on.

I remember every moment, ever card, every laugh and tear and I remember the very feeling I felt when the following photo was snapped. Seeing it reminds me of the pain I feel but I must remind myself that photo is a piece of my past and behind that and in front of that memory there are happy ones I have of my beautiful mother!

The Good Old Days.......


Jaimey said...

Love it! Thanks for posting this. I would love to hear some of your memories! I love hearing all about the family before I was in it. I love you! Thank you for always being a strong support I know I can count on! ~J

Samantha Leigh said...

All my besties! I miss everyone so bad. I cant wait til we see everyone together again. We hella need to have a family reunion soon.

We have the most amazing family in the world and I couldnt ask for a better one. Im so greatful to be a part of this family and I thank God for that everyday.

♥ Sambo.