Thursday, April 16, 2009


If it's not enough your 17 year old son rear ends another car with his 14 year old brother in the car on their way to school. As the story goes in my life one bad thing means several more to come. The nightmare began around the second week of December 2008 when I drove this wrecked car to the shop. Getting what looked like a fixed car home FINALLY on April 9, 2009. Really? Are you kidding me it took over 3 months to get a little body work done????? (Lets not go there we will save that for another day).

When I drove the car to the shop in December I remember feeling a little fortunate (being the nieve person I am) that the damage appeared to be only body work not mechanical. No dummie lights on has to be good news right? When I started the car to drive it home to my son who has anxiously awaited the arrival of his "new" car why were 4 dummie lights on? Good Grief! Since I had to get gas (tank was beyond empty to boot) the car died. Luckily although it barly would go it did start up again and I arrived home safely. I mean really it hadn't been driven in over 3 months (or should I say I guess it wasn't driven but under the circumstances - I won't assume anything). It's probably just sat to long, or maybe when the wrecked hood was removed maybe it sat outside and water got in it (although I was clear didn't want it sitting outside), I figured it just needed to "shall I say warm up" for a day or so.

Everytime Trae goes anywhere the car dies at least 3 times (and that's usually before he even leaves the driveway)? Huh?? Today after a long day at work I arrived home finally. Trae ran his friend into town to pick up his pay check. About an hour later I get the dreaded car. "Mom it won't start." (Mind you brand new battery and alternator) So Paul and I head up to save the day. Well actually I called a friend who called AAA and had a tow truck guy help us. Thanks girl!!

An hour later here he comes with a jumper cable box. Car starts right up, only problem......every dummy light is now lit up, for a second I thought it was the 4th of July. Just as I feel satisfied that this nightmare is over I buckle up. The tow truck guy leaves and I begin to back up. As I place the car in Drive guess what happens?? Yes Sir E - the blessed thing dies and will not start.

Issue #1 = dead car and I'm in it, Issue #2 = Here comes a family leaving the restaurant I am at, full and ready to drive home. To no surprise I am stalled right behind them. (Of course 50 cars in the freggin parking lot and I am stalled directly behind the one car that belongs to the only people leaving the restaurant). They are not going anywhere at least until I do. What to do now...Stalled car, no cables, no tow guy, no mechanic. hmm hey mister you have cables? WOW a person who is actually willing to help another human who is obviously in need and he has cables too. How Lucky am I? Issue #3 = how does he get his SUV out so he can jump me? He inches out and actually maneuvered his vehicle out of the space and into position to jump me. He jumps the car I somehow am able to keep it running long enough to get home and without any further damage. Well if your reading this stay tuned, one day after my blood stops boiling I will tell the story why it took over 3 months to get the car back. And as I mentioned before nothing is ever simple for us so I am curious what is in store for us next.....

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Anonymous said...

LOL tell me about it what a night, I cant wait until you tell them why the car was in the shop for so long lol!!!!! stay tuned Blog Spot.....Kisa,MD