Saturday, April 18, 2009

Opening Day

Having three boys we have been to our share of sporting events. All of which have dabbled in wrestling, basketball, cub scouts, football and baseball. For the past several years baseball seems to be the sport of choice. Paul and I decided we would attempt to be voted in as board member for the local county league. Waldorf little league. Today was opening day.

We headed off to the fields at 9:15 this morning. I think the whole town was there. When we arrived to the fields eventually found a place to rest the car, we entered into the concessions stand. None of us knew we would not walk out of there till after 5:00 p.m.. Yes that's right 7 hours later. We went hours literally without seeing the end of that line.

At one point I saw the mascot (Pinch) for the local semi-pro team the "Southern Maryland Blue Crabs". Oh how everyone loves Pinch. Heres his photo, with my man Paul and Donny Humphrey.

And another one with Pinch with several different kids of course all the way on the right hiding in the brown shirt is my son Logan trying to pretend he's shy. (get real!!)

Well we had a good time, beautiful day, and Coty's team won! We spent the day at the fields but that is pretty much a day in the life for us. Baseball is our family sport. We love it and the families out there are part of our extended family.

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