Saturday, April 18, 2009

Only took 9 years

My youngest son, Logan loves to sleep in our bed. I finally had to put my foot down, he is almost as tall as me and he snores. So he snores, kicks and ends up I get zero sleep and have to get up at 4:45 am so that had to stop. So now I have a child who thinks he needs to sleep on the couch in the main living room. So that annoys me for some reason. Why can't he just sleep in his bed? Why? Why does he have to sleep anywhere but the bed in his room? Any advice on this would be appreciated. He says that every bed he has isn't comfortable. This is about his 5th bed and he is 9. I don't believe it's the bed, I think he doesn't like to feel alone. Who knows?

Thursday I didn't feel like going to bed and since I was off Friday I didn't want him on the couch. He was mad. He complained and threw a fit but once he got in there he was out in less than 5 minutes. It was a blessed night. Amazing how such a small thing is so wonderful to me.

Maybe I should say he only slept there one night but I hope it continue.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps its just not his routine & like you said, he doesn't want to be alone. At least on the couch its not like he is in his room where most kids are? Just be consistent that he go there and as with anything it will become normal. Love you all...JV

Christine J said...

Does he have a tv in his room? I actually found that to be really helpful to have the tv on really low. the little bit of sound and light helped.