Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Man's Job....

Holy Crap!!! So last night I decided I would start getting the neighbors bush's out of our fence and yard. What the heck was I thinking???? I started with a weed eater. Not smart. Hey it was my first thought what can I say? So after about 2 minutes the stupid string was inside the compartment and wouldn't come out. I was yelling for Paul who like most men have selective hearing just like my kids. Eventually after the next town heard me calling his name he came out and told me to bang it on the ground and the string would come out. Ok... so now I am slamming that stupid thing on the ground and I still can't see lime green string. What's the problem here? Am I stupid? (Don't answer that) I was banging that dang thing so hard on the ground I can't believe it didn't snap in two. Needless to say I gave up between a broken weed eater, pollen and 80 something freaking degrees I was all but done.So today is a new day. I got wiser and decided I would ask Paul kindly to get me the neighbors hedge trimmer thing. When I got home I was ready to attempt these bush's again. Paul offered for me to just chill and relax tonight, watch American Idol and he would do it tomorrow. Isn't that sweet?? Yeah but what you don't know is that it's supposed to rain for the next two days so those darn bush's would be there next year if I didn't do it. So even though I should have taken him up on that offer, I set out with the hedge trimmer....I'm going for it reluctantly deciding to go for it. HOLY CRAP - put a needle in my eye, those suckers were thick, and the stupid little buggers were twisted in and around and through the fence. Every inch was covered with bush's from the neighbor's yard. Good Lord can you imagine what the other side of my fence looks like? I just knew a snake was coming out at some point and for the record if I had saw a snake that would have been the final straw that would have gotten Paul doing these little buggers. I was determined to show the world or at least the kids playing in my yard that they had at least three feet of yard left they could now see and use.

Ok so now its done and I honestly don't know how I am typing I can't feel my arms at all, and lets not forget about all the blisters on my fingers. My arms feel like jello and I swear I might need a sick day at work tomorrow for lack of being able to hold the steering wheel while I drive in. God help all those on the road with me if/when I hit a bump, cause I will lose control of my vehicle for sure. Isn't that pathetic, I can't feel anything but this sharp pain bolting up my arms. I think those muscles I used are my forearm whatever they are punishing me for never using them for 39 years and now trying to rip them in one workout. Lord have mercy what the heck was I thinking???

Yard work is a man's job-PERIOD!! No ifs ands or buts it's a man's job and I literally hate my arms right now and this determination thing that made me do it. Tomorrow I will whine and feel the wrath of those dang bush's. I have to say that I did complete the job and I want you all to know I didn't break a single nail. You know I started this blog because I was living no life and laying on the couch in my pj's watching mindless TV and so now I feel like I have to do stuff so I can write about it. Those bush's make me really miss my couch and pj's but ultimately I have to say I feel great! (with exception again to my poor forearms, good Lord give me strength).

Oh and let me tell you that I guess I shouldn't have used the weed whacker on bush's because Paul ended up having to take the thing apart to get the string out of the inside compartment. Apparently there is a reason that tools have "purposes". Weed whacker's actually work very well on weeds and not so good on bush's. My bad!

(If you click on the photo below it will get big so you can get a good idea of how big of a job this was. Also you will know how many bush's Paul has to pick up tomorrow, cause see I am not picking them up too!!)
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Jaimey said...

I tried to use a corded one of those trimmers once in our backyard at the old house and after a few minutes it stopped working. I switched it on and off, looked at it dumbly and then realized I had cut right through the green cord that had gotten stuck in the bush I was cutting. Doh! :) Man's work indeed!

Janna said...

This is hilarious! You don't even need to standup to be a comedian...Definitely, man's work!