Sunday, April 19, 2009

I love crafts...

I love crafts. I do try to make some crafts, but I do love to buy them. I love filling my house with them, there is always room for more and more crafts. People come in my house and say "oh you like country". Lets be clear here country to me is the old home interiors stuff with the country blue border and pictures of ducks on it.

My decorating style is called "Primitive". It's the stuff you see in a store that looks old and distressed but is new. My favorite craft store is King Kreations. It's 47 miles away from my house, but so worth the drive. The owners are Kevin and Denise King. She creates the coolest things in her basement. Their home next door to the shop is the coolest house ever. It's the type house you see and always want to just knock and go in and look at all the amazing things. If you want to visit this wonderful shop click on their name above and browse their site. Nothing is as wonderful as the real life experience of going to their shop. If you're near check it out, it's a wonderful experience.

I haven't been there since my sisters visited in October. I went Sunday and I could have bought the entire store. I just love it there. Having my nails done, getting my hair cut and going to the craft store sure made for a perfect weekend. What can I say I'm easy to please.

If any one reading this knows of any cool craft fairs/shops in the Maryland area please let me know, I'm always open to try out new places, of course King Kreations will always have my business. Or if you know any websites that sale primitive decorations drop me a line. Here's some of the things I've bought....

This shelf was made by Kevin. I measured my windows, picked the stain and he made it. I ordered the curtains from them as well. It's a great way to hang your curtains, and store some of your collectibles.


Christine J said...

ohhhh i love the stars on the curtains

Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved this store. Someday Trish is going to have to come and help me decorate! :O) JV