Thursday, April 23, 2009

Difficult People

Do you deal with difficult people or a difficult person? I think we all have at one point or another. I can say I have been somewhat successful finding a way to not only get along with some difficult people but actually we get along good and work well together. This is not something I was always good at, not so long ago I would have just gotten even or whatever but certainly wouldn't have taken time to work it out.

Its so hard to handle it and not react, I think it's human nature to defend or react to what appears to be violent behavior. Especially for me. I really want to be a bigger person, I want to be the model employee, I want to be the employee that they can count on. How do I do that when all I really want to do is scream?There are people that literally make everyone around them miserable, they are so miserable it almost seems like they stay up at night thinking of ways to upset others. They are rude, mean and literally have no common courtesy for others. Sometimes there seems to be no rime or reason as to who they are targeting.

I believe people like that thrive on making others miserable so to react is feeding the fuel and gives them a since of satisfaction. Most people would not find this type of behavior satisfactory or even fun, but then there are those like this that this behavior is so normal you have to wonder if they realize how miserable they really are. People don't want to be disliked, it's not human nature but do people like this even realize that it's not the people around them that are the problem it's them?

I can say that if I have to say the Lords Prayer or the Hail Mary for 2 hours to prevent me from reacting than that is what I shall do. My friend and confidante always says there is no way to heaven but Love. If you can't love here on earth you WILL NOT receive the key to heaven. She also tells me that she says "Jesus I believe in you". Such an easy thing to remember when your blood is boiling over. I say it over and over and over again. I will survive and I will remain strong but I will also pray for them. Pray that one day they will find Jesus and she will realize the error of their ways and become a servant of the Lord. On that day where ever these people are I know their will be a lot of very happy people around them. The day when these people who have been haunted by the devils spirit are no longer haunted but blessed and begins to climb the stairs to heaven.


Anonymous said...

You are so patient! I need to be more like you :O) Way cool pictures! Love you...jv

Christine J said...

Maybe i should try that trish - praying and reminding me that jesus loves me. Maybe something will stick with me and i will stop being so cranky and bitter at work