Monday, April 27, 2009

My Dreaded Kitchen project

Arg! So my kitchen needs to be painted. The good thing is I hardly have any wall space, because although my kitchen is big, I have a lot of cabinets so the actual painting won't take me long. I also hate to put holes in the wall so there are no real holes to seal either.

It's the prep work that is going to take me forever, taping, and tearing down border. I HATE border and worse than border I hate wallpaper. I tore down a strip of border in my kitchen to see how it would look, of course I like it better but I left myself no option but to paint since I can't find the border anywhere so I could just replace the piece I tore down (Of course that is the lazy way out). So now I have to tear down all the border and that will take me all week I'm sure. Case and point why I hate border and wallpaper. So that is what I will be working on this week, getting the border down and taping the ceiling and doors and everywhere else I can't get paint. I tend to get paint pretty much everywhere when I attempt to do this. Paul hates to paint and it is actually one of the things he literally refuses to do.
It's so blessed hot outside that it is a good thing to do in the house, and is actually one of the many things I really should have done over the winter months. Live and learn. Now I pay but my next project is the yard and God knows it needs a lot of TLC but by the time I get home from work it's still hot and on weekends so far I have been stuck working the concession stand for Little League.
If anyone has a good remedy for making removing of border/wallpaper easier please leave a comment. I usually use water and fabric softener mixed in a water bottle with a pampered chef scrapper which tends to work pretty good but is still a pain.
I will just edit this blog as I make progress on this dreaded kitchen project. LOLPosted by Picasa

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