Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Are you Judgemental?

Look at the picture, what do you see? Be honest with yourself, what do you see? Do you see a homeless man?

Have you ever looked at me and thought I was a "certain" type of a person and then actually took the time to get to know me and realized I wasn't at all how you initially "judged" me to be?

The truth is we all have a predetermained viewpoints on things based on our personal life experiences. We are imperfect and it's okay to admit that you judge. What makes judging wrong is when you close your mind and don't allow yourself to see beyond your first impression.

Judging cuts you off from growing. If all you see when you look at a homeless man is dirty clothes, unwashed hair and empty pockets how sad I feel for you. You have closed yourself in seeing what is really there. What is inside, the core, the soul of the man. Look at the picture again what do you see now?Do you see a Disabled Veteran? Do you see a hero? Do you see the pain in his eyes? Do you see an opportunity for you to help another? To make a difference to another person who's life took some unfortunate turns?

How about seeing yourself in his shoes, standing with a sign waiting for someone, anyone to find it in their hearts to help you. What if you were the man, would you not hate looking into passerbyers eyes knowing they were judging you, your life, your decisions, judging your entire life based on that one minute?

In the end at the very end when your standing in front of your God, and that same homeless man is beside you, how will you defend your position that moment you looked in the man's eyes on the street, and refused to help him? Can you? Should you? No! No matter how you slice it the answer is no.

Remember what matters in life, it's not the big house, fancy cars, designer clothes, "perfect" friends, vacations, at that final moment it's not about the has and the has nots, it's about you and what you did or didn't do and that is it.

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