Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Are you Judgemental Cont...

So you've decided that you're not judgemental? Lets take a test. Look at the photo below and think about what crosses your mind while you look at her. Is she pretty, is she stylish, what do you notice about her? What type person do you think she is, just by looking at the photo? Do you think she watches Leave it to Beaver or NASCAR? Listens to Christian or Rap music? Do you think she's educated? No one can hear your thoughts so be honest with yourself what do you think?Ok now click on Susan Boyle's name below. When you do, think about what you expect when you see her. Do you expect a disaster? Do you expect her voice to sound like an angel? What did you honestly expect to hear? I'm guessing when you see her you will expect to hear the same thing the judges and the entire audience expected. Susan Boyle

Case and point I have to say it again, things are not always what you see with your eyes, if you close your eyes and see beyond what is in front of you, I hope instead of rain you see the biggest, most beautiful rainbow.

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Anonymous said...

WoW! that was deep and really gives you something to think about before acquiring opinions with out all the facts! Kisa,MD