Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Life as a Princess

Moving forward in my life has been sort of a dream.  I wake up every single day and think how did I get here, how in the world did I get to be the one he chose?  Why me?

Yesterday I was driving home from work, the radio was playing, and I was so relaxed and so at peace.  I was smiling and when I realized I was smiling, I wondered why.  As I got closer to home I realized I was smiling because the greatest man I've ever met, his wonderful children and the 4 dogs were waiting for me. 

I live on a beautiful farm, with a man who adores me, his kids who are just amazing and 4 great BIG dogs.  All of which are so excited to see me when I pull in the driveway.  It's the greatest feeling ever, I live the most miraculous life, every single day.  I know what happened, the universe stepped in and delivered me this wonderful man, and I don't know why or what I've done to deserve it, but my God I hope it lasts forever, I hope we last forever. 

Am I finally in love with a man who actually loves me as much as I love him?  After a year of being with him, he hasn't provided me any reason to be upset with him.  There's been no bait and switch, no arguing, nothing.  It's been laughing, trips, snuggles, love and more love.  He opens every door for me, he holds my hand, he always kisses me goodnight, he looks at me in a way I can't describe in words, he walks up to me when I walk in the door and kisses me and asks how my day was and he actually cares.   

My life feels more and more like a fairytale, a leap of faith, and although it's amazing it's also very scary.  I still look at him sometimes and wonder if there will be a day my heart gets broken AGAIN, will I regret opening myself up again?  But then I look harder and realize he is totally worth everything. 

People say I choose you but I don't choose Charles.  The way I feel about Charles isn't a choice for me anymore than its a choice to breathe.

Lets talk about what just happened.  I was already writing this blog when I received a text from the amazing Charles. 

**PAUSE**  For the 4th Charles and I hosted a small party.  Family and friends all came.  Deja (boogie's mom) got ready to leave and she had a flat tire.  After further consideration, all 4 of her tires were beyond drivable.  Here she was driving in a car and with my grandson that was totally unsafe.  Charles wasn't having it.  Deja drove home in my car and we drove her car to our friends shop to get new tires.  She got 4 new tires, new breaks and new rotors and the bill came to $238.00.  Really?  Yep it's what he does.

Ok, I'm back, that is the kind of man who lays next to me every night telling me I am beautiful and that he loves me.  My life is perfect, my man is perfect, my home is perfect.  My fairytale has finally began, and this princess doesn't have to be home at midnight.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Father's Day

My dad died so long ago and to be honest I can't remember a single father's day with him.  Granted my family didn't really celebrate holidays as a child but honestly I can't remember a single one.  That makes me so sad.  When I was married celebrating Father's Day was easy because I would make that day as special as I could for my husband but since I have been single celebrating Father's Day was pretty much painful.

This Father's Day we woke up late, picked up the kids, then went to Charles' mom and Dad's house and had brunch.  The food was great as usual and the company was fantastic.  We laughed and took pictures and then later went home so the kids could swim. 

There was thoughts of my father in heaven but they were happy thoughts.  Thoughts that I believe he is looking down at where I am in life and he is pleased.  I know my father and my mother are thrilled with the path that lead me to where I am now, happy, at peace, loved and living life.

I am lucky that although I have lived away from my own family since I was 19, I have always met the most amazing people who welcome me and my children into their lives.  Charles and his family are no different.  They welcome me, they love me and to them I am family.   


Friday, June 8, 2018

Logans Graduation - 2018

Logan's graduation was wonderful.  We had a great time and for me it was a total relief.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Ireland - May 2018

11 days in Ireland, modeling, friends, my favorite guy Charles and lots of Guinness.   

Love of my life

Ireland Photoshoot

One of the photographers we had the pleasure of meeting in Ireland was Kim Kiely.  Yesterday she sent me these photos, and I can't lie, I love them.  I feel like they are honest, and project exactly how I feel. 

When I posted them on Facebook, the general consensus is that I look so at peace and easy it is to see how much we love one another.  Charles is my love and I am his.  We have both obviously lived through some things to get where we are today but together we have it all.  I look forward to every single day, I am truly blessed beyond belief.